Music and Singing

At the beginning of each meeting, we always sing three of the sacred songs especially composed for the brotherhood by the Master Peter Deunov.

Music and Singing
Photo: Bonfin, Frejus, France

Bratstvo Edinstvo Bog e lioubov
Blagoslaviai Douche moia Gospoda Napred da hodim smelo

While physically present at meetings, the Master Omraam always encouraged everyone to join in, even if they were unused to singing, and he gave the following reasons: Music harmonises beings. During the day, everyone has lived their own life, they have associated with various people, and singing helps them to harmonise with each other, they are less aware of their differences. Thanks to the songs, other forces circulate, other radiations, and each person, in their corner, vibrates in harmony with their neighbour. Singing plunges the participants into the same atmosphere, it dilates their hearts and unites them; when you sing you feel fraternal; harmony is established I want us to sing in order to purify the atmosphere & When you know how to sing consciously, and you put your voice at the service of the forces of light, you will have the power to disintegrate the darkness that hangs over the world. The children of God must know these great laws so as to be capable of producing good. The songs are sung in 4 part harmony, based around the original melody given by Master Deunov. Song books are available from Prosveta; for those who would like to learn the songs individually there is also a practice CD for each voice part and full recordings of the whole repertoire sung by brothers and sisters.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov sings “Aoum”